I’ve got the lazy blog blues.

//I’ve got the lazy blog blues.

I’ve got the lazy blog blues.

(This blog originally appeared on the Buzzworthy Success Blog in June of 2011.)

I have this hang-up; OK, maybe I’ve got several, but the one I’m talking about now is why I’ve been lazy about our blog! The hang-up is this; unless something works exactly the way I want it to work, I leave it alone until it’s fixed to my standards; which leads me right into the Buzzworthy Success website, blog and our social media pages.

OK, I’ll come right out and say it; I was never in love with any of them. After guiding our clients through the task of designing and tweaking their website and all the other social media stuff, we never had time to work on our own! When I took up the task of getting our’s done; I enlisted the help of others, but I guess I never did a great job of pinpointed exactly what we wanted or the message we wanted to convey.

This is why we are currently working through a complete brand reinvention! When I explore the deepest recesses of my brain, I now see that the reason I stopped blogging, tweeting and being otherwise social on all of the cool sites was because I didn’t like our current brand image. There; I said it! It’s out there forever on this blog!

Was launching a site and all associated brand elements a mistake if we weren’t sold on it 100%? No! We got it done; it worked; people responded and we got our feet wet. All noble results!

Now that I’ve publically said all of this, here’s my follow up. I feel that our blog is a reflection of who we are and what we believe in. I would have told any of you who were in a position of not loving your current branding to continue with all of your current communications while working through your rebranding. Now it’s time for us to follow our own advice and do just that.

While we’re getting ready to re-launch the Buzzworthy Brand and everything associated with it, we are going to get back “out there” with our blog and social media messages. Thanks for all of you who have helped me come to these realizations by emailing, calling and kicking me in the butt!

It’s time to stop singing the “I’ve got the lazy blog” blues!


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