Learn AND Relax? What A Concept!

//Learn AND Relax? What A Concept!

Learn AND Relax? What A Concept!

(This originally appeared in the Buzzworthy Success Blog in March 2011)

Learn AND Relax? What A Concept!

As we’re on our way out the door headed to Ft. Lauderdale for our 9th annual Success Cruise with clients, I can’t help but think what a great concept this has been. We get on a cruise ship; we’re all outside of our “normal” workspace; we all know that everyone within our group can share any issues without risk of embarrassment and we’re having a great time!

There really is no better way to learn!

How can you utilize this “learn and relax” concept? Yes, you can join our group learning experiences, but you can also find ways to learn and relax on your own.
How about a day at the park with your action list
Do a two day getaway to work on future planning for your business

You can find a way to learn and relax if you put your mind to it. I’ve got to run now and start my own learn and relax experience. What’s really cool is that when we conduct our Success Cruises, I learn as much as our clients!


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