WPPI – 32 Years Later!

//WPPI – 32 Years Later!

WPPI – 32 Years Later!

(This post was originally seen on the Buzzworthy Success Blog in March of 2012)

Yes, I DO remember my first WPPI way back in 1980! I was a mere child who had a love of photography and a desire to visit Las Vegas. I was hooked then and I’m still hooked now!

To me, WPPI is an opportunity to see what the portrait and wedding industry is up to. Has WPPI changed over the years? Of course it has. Some people love the huge mega convention it is now and others long for the smaller group that once was. Either way, opportunities abound for all who attend.

So, why am I still hooked?
That answer is easy. I love moving forward. I love the excitement of new ideas, new concepts and new personalities. If you go to WPPI and take advantage of the learning opportunities both on and off the platform; you’ll leave with more ideas and motivation than you came with!

Here are a few tips to make your WPPI experience even better:
1. Make new friends
2. Take a speaker or someone you admire out for lunch
3. Take great notes
4. Know in advance what you need answers to
5. Get out of your normal group of associates
6. Sit in the front at programs
7. Take a few minutes for a creative project while in Las Vegas
8. Ask for what you want

Follow this advice and have a blast at WPPI. Look us up; we’re always around!


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