Why Do We Teach at WPPI-U?

(This blog originally appeared on the Buzzworthy Success blog in September 2011) It’s an honor for Sondra and me to be part of WPPI-U in Atlanta. Why do we love doing it? It’s simple; we were both new to the industry once. In the last couple of years, there’s been a lot of negative talk about “newbies” or “emerging” photographers, the term we prefer. The word on the street is that almost every challenge being faced by seasoned veterans is caused by new photographers who are ruining the industry for everyone. To me, that’s just crap. Here’s a fact: EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER OUT THERE WAS AN EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHER AT ONE POINT IN THEIR CAREER! How could it be any other way? If it wasn’t for the help I received from the established pros when I first started in photography, I would not be doing this today! If the established pros had [...]

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WPPI Has Been Sold! What Does This Mean For Our Industry?

(This originally appeared on the Buzzworthy Success Blog in November 2010) The news is out! WPPI, Rangefinder, After Capture and all other WPPI related interests have been sold to Nielsen. Gasp! What are we going to do? What does this mean? How will we survive? Relax! We will survive as business owners and we will survive as an industry. First and foremost; I MUST get this off my chest. I LOVE Stephen Sheanin. He has stood behind everything Sondra and I have done for the last 21 years and he is someone I look up to and respect. Today’s news does nothing to change that! This was a business decision and in my opinion Stephen’s first priority is to himself and his family. I can think of no one over the last 20 years who has done more for our industry than Stephen. He has built the WPPI convention into [...]

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