More Cash Flow Control For Portrait Photographers!

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More Cash Flow Control For Portrait Photographers!

For over 29 years, we’ve been listening to photographers share their dreams, visions, ideas AND challenges with us. A few of the universal challenges that have plagued this industry throughout the years have been poor year-round cash flow, the inability to find the “right clients”, average sales not being high enough and not enough clients.

Seeing as it’s our mission to help photographers on their success journey, we’re always refining ways to solve those common issues. For over four years, we’ve worked on a plan that photographers anywhere can use to build year-round cash flow, have clients excited to schedule sessions and in many cases, double their average sale! Here’s the amazing part, these clients are everywhere, and they’re already prepped to be photographed! Who are these ready-made clients? How have you missed them so far? Why are we building this up? We’re bringing you to this crescendo because you’re going to be surprised when we explain how we’ve taken a rather mundane type of portraiture that’s been around forever and made an offshoot of it a major profit center for photographers!

High School Senior Models Will Skyrocket Your Business!
See? You’re probably thinking, “Wait a minute, senior photography has been around forever! The yearbook companies have total control. Printing and mailing costs are outrageous! Seniors don’t care about photography anymore! Kids are doing their own pictures with their phones. Amateurs have killed this market! And so on and so one and so on…

BUT, wait a minute! We’re NOT talking about being the leader in your community for senior portraits. We’re talking about making you the leader in your community for Senior Model portraits! This is a completely DIFFERENT type of market that takes a totally different type of plan than traditional senior portrait photography.

What type of results are we talking about? Here’s some of our case study statistics:
25 senior models at an average sale of $2000 for a 90-day income of $50,000!
Another photographer just texted us with a $2300 sale! She had NEVER had a senior sale that high! This DOES work!

Why does this system work? It’s works because you’re not looking for the average high school student. You’re looking for those students who want to be treated and photographed differently. You’re looking for the students who love the idea of being in an elite group of “models” who will be treated like VIP’s throughout their entire relationship with your business.

Haven’t There Been Senior Model Programs Before?
Yes, there have, AND THEY DIDN’T WORK! Most of the “old school” (pun intended) programs treated the models as children and only cared about what the senior would do for the studio. By reviving your senior model plan into a system that makes each model look and feel great, you will have models who want to experience your sessions.

Here’s Are Some Of The Things That Make This Work!
You can’t call your senior model sessions Senior Model Sessions! That’s too cliché and EVERY photographer who has ever tried senior models has done that. You need a name for these sessions that separates them form ordinary seniors. You need to get the parents on board from day one. Hold meetings and insist that the student AND the parent attend. NO exceptions. Include ONE amazing sight and sound ordering presentation with each session. That will be the ONE time the family has an opportunity to invest in the images using specially designed model prices.

Here’s something else to think about – The system can be used just about ANYTIME of the year to give your business massive cash flow boosts! The only time we recommend not actively running this system are the two weeks before Christmas and the week after.

Would you like more details? Request your FREE copy of the Senior Model Attraction Blueprint!

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