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What is a Freedom Based Lifestyle? Can Photographers Have One?

A question for you: What does everyone want? It’s hard to define and different for every person. The Answer! It’s a Freedom Based Lifestyle!

Eons ago, when Sondra approached me about working with her to help business owners become more successful, we talked a lot about “living the life of your design”. In the beginning, that was our battle cry. It was our way of telling business owners that their businesses should work for them, not the other way around.

Fast forward to now. Over the years, our terminology has changed. With the same beliefs firmly in place, we now advocate Freedom Based Living! What is it? Let’s explore…

Freedom Based Living or a Freedom Based Lifestyle is the philosophy of getting up every day and doing exactly what you want to do while providing for yourself and your family in a way that makes you feel great and fulfills your sense […]

Can You Get Too Much Motivation?

I received an email today from a photographer who has recently started getting our Daily Buzz e-mail messages. I am honored that he took the time to share his thoughts with me. As for his “evaluation” of his Daily Buzz experience; that’s where his views differ from mine.

To paraphrase his thoughts, he thinks that getting Daily Buzz every day is too much. He feels that many of you out there will stop reading Daily Buzz if it hits your inbox too often. Again, this is a shortened version of what this photographer very respectfully said.

So, here’s my question to all of you; can you get too much motivation? In the world that I live in, too much positive thinking is impossible. I’m proud of the fact that every day for the past 14 years a positive, motivational message has been put […]

Mistakes – 8 Rules For What To Do When You Make One!

Over the years I’ve made mistakes that effected clients! Why would I share this with you? Because I want you to realize that mistakes are going to happen and they won’t kill you. Learn the following 8 basic rules to handle mistakes and you’ll be prepared the next time you make a mistake.

Rule #1 – Face the fact… YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE MISTAKES. You’re probably going to make lots of them! The thing about mistakes that you need to always remember is this: mistakes are not going to end your dream. Mistakes are part of your learning process. Mistakes are the building blocks of your future success. Since everyone will make mistakes, the skill that will set you apart from all of the “other” imperfect people is how you handle your mistakes.

Rule #2 – ALWAYS take responsibility for your mistakes and admit when you’re wrong. You never want […]

Are you ready for your success journey?

Can you imagine how simple it would be if we could just wake up and say, “Yep, today is the day I’m a success!” What would that feel like? The better question to ask yourself is: what would that mean to you? I believe that every person should have their own definition of success. I really feel that success is very personal. I also believe that success is about living a Freedom Based Lifestyle, NOT getting to a specific time or place with a predetermined amount of cash, followers, possessions and money. Can you imagine how crappy it would be to accumulate all kind of possessions and money only to leave this world the next day? Isn’t the journey the real reason we do what we do? So, here’s the real question for you? Are you loving your success […]

What Does A Successful Photographer Do For A Living?

(This originally appeared on the Buzzworthy Success Blog in October 2010)

At the risk of sounding like one of those old grumpy guys talking about the past; I remember when a photographer’s job was to create images. I remember when the number of sessions you had in a day was how you knew how much money you might make. I also remember that the photographers who knew how to sell their work, and by “sell” I mean help the client own the right size images to suit their needs, were the ones who lived a lifestyle of their choosing. I guess times have changed.

If Facebook and Twitter are any indication of what “real life” is like in our portrait and wedding industry today, here’s our new reality:

It’s more important to be Twitter passing along bits of re-hashed information and seeing how many “guest blogs” you can […]

WPPI 2012 – My Thoughts

(This originally appeared on the Buzzworthy Success Blog in March 2012)

First of all, every staff member at WPPI 2012 did an incredible job!  Those of you who know me know that I don’t randomly hand out compliments.   This was one of the best run conventions I’ve ever attended!  
Ok, that’s the good news.  The bad news; I’m a little concerned about our industry.  Never before have I seen so many new photographers in one place at one time!  Now, you may be asking, “Why is this bad news?” It’s bad news because I’m not sure the experienced professionals are seeing the value of coming to the convention anymore.  From what I was told by a number of long time studio owners, their impression is that WPPI seems to be catering to the emerging photographers and that’s irritating the established pros.
So what’s my take?  I believe everyone can find […]

WPPI – 32 Years Later!

(This post was originally seen on the Buzzworthy Success Blog in March of 2012)

Yes, I DO remember my first WPPI way back in 1980! I was a mere child who had a love of photography and a desire to visit Las Vegas. I was hooked then and I’m still hooked now!

To me, WPPI is an opportunity to see what the portrait and wedding industry is up to. Has WPPI changed over the years? Of course it has. Some people love the huge mega convention it is now and others long for the smaller group that once was. Either way, opportunities abound for all who attend.

So, why am I still hooked?
That answer is easy. I love moving forward. I love the excitement of new ideas, new concepts and new personalities. If you go to WPPI and take advantage of the learning […]