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Latest From Jerry & Sondra

What Can Coffee Teach You About Marketing?

Today, I was reminded of some great marketing lessons as Sondra and I headed off to create some Freedom Based Moments. Often, one of our weekend days is spent grabbing freshly made bagels and sitting in Starbucks reading, talking and planning.  On this day, Sondra was leading us to a new bagel place and new coffee spot.  On our way, she did say, “If the coffee spot isn’t good, we can always circle back to Starbucks”. We arrived at Foundation Coffee Co. to find a beautiful outdoor area with covered and uncovered seating located around a neat little trailer and counter.  We were immediately intrigued by the vibe!  We approached the counter and placed our order.  Large lattes with whole milk for each of us.  As Sondra went to a table, I waited at the counter for our drinks.  The smell of coffee was amazing.  It was fresh, rich and [...]

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More Cash Flow Control For Portrait Photographers!

For over 29 years, we’ve been listening to photographers share their dreams, visions, ideas AND challenges with us. A few of the universal challenges that have plagued this industry throughout the years have been poor year-round cash flow, the inability to find the “right clients”, average sales not being high enough and not enough clients. Seeing as it’s our mission to help photographers on their success journey, we’re always refining ways to solve those common issues. For over four years, we’ve worked on a plan that photographers anywhere can use to build year-round cash flow, have clients excited to schedule sessions and in many cases, double their average sale! Here’s the amazing part, these clients are everywhere, and they’re already prepped to be photographed! Who are these ready-made clients? How have you missed them so far? Why are we building this up? We’re bringing you to this crescendo because you’re [...]

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