It’s Three Things!

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It’s Three Things!

There are two types of photographic business owners. Thriving and growing and the ones who never see their business take flight. As you’re reading this, only YOU know which category you’re in.

Is success elusive? It could be if you don’t have the right foundations, a plan and the motivation to see it through!

Would it surprise you to learn that many photographers are getting up each day and working FOR their businesses, when in fact, it should be the other way around! YOUR business should be working for you!

YOUR business should be a tool to provide YOU with the lifestyle that YOU want to be living right now!

“Time is too fleeting to compromise on how you live each day!”

What if we told you that the difference between being a photographer who works for their business and one who has a business that works for them, comes down to THREE things?

Traffic – Conversion – Retention!
What?! That seems way too simple! How can “those” three things make a difference in your business?

The answer may seem counter-intuitive when you’ve been exposed to articles and Facebook posts that tell you that all you need is to master your marketing and you’ll have all the business you need.

After 30 years of helping photographers achieve success, we believe that once you have mastered these three things, then – and only then – have you mastered marketing.

Here’s The Reality
Every aspect of your business success comes down to mastering these three “departments” of your business!

Traffic – Without traffic—a consistent flow of new leads—your business will shrivel up and die. It won’t be a slow death; it will be fast and painful! No matter how amazing your photography is, without traffic, NO ONE will ever invest in your work.

This fact cannot be disputed. Without the powerful element of TRAFFIC, no one will ever know you exist. A photographic business without Traffic is how the “starving artist syndrome” got started.

Conversion – Let’s say you get tons of traffic. If you haven’t mastered the skill of CONVERSION, that traffic is going to be wasted.

I’m amazed at the number of photographers we’ve worked with who have ZERO records of the prospects who have called them and not booked their services! “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!” “That” is a CONVERSION horror story in itself!

How about the photographers who have no idea of how many inquiries it takes to book a session or wedding? That’s another CONVERSION nightmare. Without great skills in CONVERSION, you will NEVER be able to consistently earn what you need to earn to live the lifestyle you desire.

Retention – A test based on the experience you provided for each client. Your retention skills are also easy to judge by asking yourself two questions; Are my clients coming back for more and are my clients telling their friends to do business with me? There’s your answer.

Become a RETENTION ninja and you’ll join all the other RETENTION ninjas in the knowledge that it’s far less expensive to get a past client back in your door than it is to attract a new one!

Let’s Wrap It Up
As we guide you through the roadmap for a wildly successful photographic business, we’ll be digging in to each one of the three “departments” above in more detail. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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